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Arboga Robotmuseum


Robothistoriska Föreningen i Arboga


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Turbo Jet Engine History


Engines and Components


Engine component repairs


The Engine Fuel- and Control System


Photo Exhibition






The Engine Section


Turbo Jet Engine History

A sum up of the Turbo Jet Engine History from 1937 to 1952.


Engines and Components

In this section of the museum can you see engines, engine components and various engine

Fuel and control systems.


The Engine collection consists of engines from the Swedish Air Force, Army, Marine including

Commercial and industrial engines.


You can see the first The Swedish Air Force operational Turbo Jet Engine from the 1940`s, de

 De Havilland Goblin II, which powered the J28 Vampire, up to the 1990´s RM8A which powered the JA37 Viggen aircraft.


Engine component repairs

A great deal of an engine overhaul cost generates by the spare parts.


By development and performance of advanced component repair methods can the repair cost for the customer extensively is decreased.


On display shows a few examples of the repaired components and repair costs.


More information of various component repairs and processes is to be

Found in the museums Engine Section.


The Engine Fuel- and Control System

The engine Fuel- and Control System supports the pilot, via the engine control lever; to control the thrust needed from the engine at high and low altitude and speed.


On display in the museum can you see components of the Engine Fuel- and Control Systems used on the engines showed in the Engine Section of the museum.


Photo Exhibition

After a decision made by the Swedish Government in  the early 1940´s, the design and construction of a new Central Aircraft Shop in Arboga started.


Among the requirements for a shop at this magnitude, during the World War II, was that it had to be located underground.

A complicated blasting and building process started.


An exhibition over how this work was done and the aircraft shop activities during years to come, is to be seen in connection to the museums Engine Section.



A/C 37 Viggen


S 103


Missile boat


A/C B18


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Helicopter 4