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Coastal missiles

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Missile History


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Coastal missiles


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Air-to-air missiles


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Missile summary table



General information - Coastal missiles


Coastal missiles are fired from ground or sea against sea targets.


The range is from 100 kilometers for the heaviest down to a few kilometers for the lightest missile. The long range coastal missiles are generally fired from some type of vehicle. The launching takes place usually with the assistance of a powder rocket, while the propulsion in flight usually carried out by a jet engine. The missile navigates to a predetermined point, where the homing device takes over the control of the missile and guides it towards its target. Short range coastal missiles are as a rule portable and are launched from a carriage. The propulsion force normally comes from a powder rocket.


The controlling can be performed by a semi-active laser homing unit or it can be directed by the gunner by wire-control



Missile types::


RB 08A


RB 52


RBS 17