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Air-to-air missiles

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Missile History


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Air-to-surface missiles


Ship-to-ship missiles


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Surface-to-air  missiles


Air-to-air missiles


Anti-tank missiles


Target missiles


Submunition dispenser


Missile summary table



General information - Air-to-air missiles


An air-to-air missile is an aircraft carried missile intended to combat hostile aircraft. They can be found in several ambiguous category classification such as; short, medium and long range missiles.


The short range missiles are generally controlled by a homing device of an IR type and are mainly used against enemy aircraft. Medium range missiles are usually guided by a semi-active homing device. The long range missiles are guided as a rule by an active radar homing unit, combined with a command link.


Air-to-air missiles are today the main armament on a fighter aircraft. The pilot will receive information about hostile aircraft from the aircraft radar. The missile is fired, when several firing conditions are met, such as; range, aspect angle, identity etcetera. The missile then travels to hit in the target.



Missile types:


RB 24


RB 24J


RB 27




RB 71


RB 73


RB 74


RB 91


RB 98


RB 99