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Anti-tank missiles

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Missile History


V-1 bomb


Navy Experimental missiles


Air Force test missiles


Saab Experimental missiles


Air-to-surface missiles


Ship-to-ship missiles


Coastal missiles


Surface-to-air missiles


Air-to-air missiles


Anti-tank missiles


Target missiles


Submunition dispenser


Missile summary table



General information - Anti-tank missiles


The missiles are launched from the ground, or from a helicopter, against armor-plated targets.


The lightweight missiles have a range of approximately 3 kilometers and are portable. The heavy missiles have range of approximately 6 kilometers and are launched from a fixed mount, or from an armored infantry carrier, or from an anti-tank helicopter.


Generally, the missile is automatically guided into the aiming line and the gunner follows the target in his binocular until it is hit. Some heavier missiles are guided by a targeting system, built into the missile. The missiles can also be manually guided. The guidance signals are in this case transmitted by wires to the missile.


The warhead is specifically designed for armored targets, often with shaped charges.




Missile types:


RB 51


RB 53


RBS 55


RBS 56