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Arboga Robotmuseum

Missile materiel

Robothistoriska Föreningen i Arboga


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Missile History


V-1 bomb


Navy Test missiles


Air Force Test missiles


Saab Test missiles


Air-to-surface missiles


Ship-to-ship missiles


Coastal missiles


Surface-to-air missiles


Air-to-air missiles


Anti-tank missiles


Target missiles


Submunition dispenser


Missile summary table


General information on Swedish missiles


Towards the end of the World War, Sweden was abruptly reminded of the fighting in the surrounding world, when six German V-1 ”guided bombs” accidentally crashed in southern Sweden. They had been launched from the German rocket base at Peenemünde. The remains from these wrecks gave valuable information to our technicians for the production of our own guided missiles, at first at the SAAB company and from 1949 at the Swedish Defense Workshop in Arboga. This type of missile was called “robot” in Swedish. “robot” in Swedish.


The museum displays the previous top secret information during the past half-century. This is also a significant part of the industrial history of Arboga.This museum is unique in Sweden (and possibly in the world entire).


Below is listed our missile history on, from the German V1-bomb up to the armament on board the JAS aircraft. This display includes more than 25 different missile types from all three armed forces in Sweden as follows:


Type of missile

Tactical use



Air-to-surface missiles

Fired or dropped from plane or helicopter against ground or ship target

Ship-to-ship missile

Fired from ship against ship target

Coastal missiles

Fired from coast against ship target

Ground-to-air missiles

Fired from ground or sea against aircraft

Air-to-air missiles

Fired from aircraft against aircraft

Anti-tank missiles

Fired from ground or helicopter against ground targets

Target missiles

Fired to improve shooting skill against aircraft

Submunition dispenser

Air to ground use.